Neapolis– the wood-burning stove turns into an electric one

Neapolis 510 ° C furnace, the most powerful electric furnace in the world. Specially designed by Moretti Forni to bake real Neapolitan pizza in less than one minute.

Strong, reliable, stable


Neapolis® reaches the highest possible temperature of 510 ° C.


  • Extraordinary baking performance for classic pizza, Neapolitan pizza, Ruota di Carro pizza, high rim pizza and gourmet pizza
  • always constant temperature and unequaled heat distribution

A unique baking tool with an iconic and functional design


  • The choice of colors, the use of exclusive materials and the unique finish of the Neapolis® stove evoke the post-industrial style
  • a unique vintage-style hood and a black granite worktop continue with tradition
  • thanks to its unusual design, the Neapolis® stove is a true style icon in its category

An Italian product bearing the Made in Italy label

The ease of use of the Neapolis® oven makes it an excellent baking device that will improve the work of both professional pizza chefs and users who are taking their first steps in pizza baking.

Baking large quantities of pizza in a short time.


The two sizes of the baking chamber allow you to bake up to 9 pizzas at the same time and achieve repeatable perfect results.

The unique features of the Neapolis® oven guarantee high efficiency of the baking process: every element of the device has been designed in such a way as to achieve the best possible results while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.


The baking chamber is entirely lined with a special chamotte stone; heating elements are placed inside chamotte stone at the top and bottom of the chamber to ensure perfect heat calibration.


High-density insulation for maximum energy efficiency.


The removable door made of thick stainless steel makes it easier to start the oven while for long baking at low temperatures it is recommended to use a stainless steel door with a special glass* resistant to high temperatures.


*Optional sold separately

Advanced technology guarantee of perfect baking

Neapolis 510 ° C furnace, the most powerful electric furnace in the world. Specially designed by Moretti Forni to bake real Neapolitan pizza in less than one minute.

Technology Dual-Power™

Separate and independent power management in the upper and lower oven for perfect heat calibration when baking sponge-based products.

Technology Power-Booster™

Increase the power at peak workload and bake at full load while maintaining consistently high-quality baking.

System Moisture regulation

Adjustable deflectors minimize heat dissipation and energy consumption while maintaining an appropriate level of humidity inside the chamber.

Technology Cool-Around™

The heat is retained inside the furnace chamber, thanks to which the external surfaces of the device do not heat up, which ensures greater comfort and safety in the workplace.

Technology Eco-Standby™

Intelligent function that reduces energy consumption during work breaks: with just one press of a button, the stove immediately returns to normal operation.

System Power-Cleaning™

Cleaning the furnace is extremely easy! Run a self-cleaning program using pyrolysis to remove any baking residues. Thanks to the automatic cleaning function, you save your valuable time and provide your customers with maximum safety.