Why Us

Why us?

  •  we have extensive experience and we are constantly expanding our competences
  • we know how to share knowledge
  • we focus on talking to the client and kitchen staff
  • we are able to skillfully combine theory with practice
  • we design professionally and responsibly
  • we are aware of our own value and skills, we expect the most from ourselves

How are we doing?

We guarantee quick project implementation

we are not afraid of challenges, they are an additional motivation for us

we do not design according to patterns, we approach each project individually

we support the client at every stage of implementation

What we offer?

  • facility inventory / site visits
  • comprehensive design development with the arrangement of devices on plans in accordance with applicable regulations
  • making 3D visualization on special request
  • guidelines for design industries (electricity, water and sewage, gas)
  • description of the project and a list of devices with their technical sheets
  • project coordination at the construction stage, as well as consultations and advice on the selection of equipment
  • approval of the project by experts for sanitation and health and safety

Our designers of gastronomic technologies are at your disposal

Design Office Manager

Dominik Bażant

(+48) 607 321 046 dominik.bazant@grafen.com

Catering technology designer

Paulina Brzezińska

(+48) 607 322 281 paulina.brzezinska@grafen.com

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