Rotary oven for high baking performance in a small space

The effect of many years of research on the distribution of hot air in the baking process.


Hot air surrounding the baking

High performance


The ovens from serieR are rotary ovens for baking bakery and confectionery products, combining high efficiency and low operating costs. The oven with serieR is equipped with a rotating, removable trolley that optimizes the working time and makes it easier to control the baking process, with preloaded 100 automatic programs that can be adapted to the user’s needs and steam control. Even unqualified personnel can operate the furnace.

Even baking


The serieR furnace has a special air convection system with two symmetrical fans with reversed direction of rotation, thanks to which an even distribution of warm air is ensured for each sheet.

Perfect baking quality guaranteed!

Small size – easy to use

Rotary kiln with unmatched efficiency Easy to operate, energy savings up to 30%.

Technology Adaptive-Power®

The oven continuously adjusts its power to the actual needs, based on the amount of product in the oven cavity, in order to minimize the energy consumption needed to achieve perfect baking results.

Technology Custom-Bake™

Set up to 9 different phases within the same program, adapting the cooking cycle to the type of product.

Technology Eco-Standby™

Intelligent function that reduces energy consumption during work breaks: with just one press of a button, the stove immediately returns to normal operation.

System Data-Feed™

Import software updates via a simple USB device so that the furnace can use the latest software version available.

Programmable cooking function with steam

Possibility to program and adjust the steam release function in the chamber (steam can be released for 1 to 10 seconds) for the correct risen dough during baking.