The world’s first oven with Inclusive Technology™

serieX is the only oven with the lowest energy consumption that makes baking perfect, sustainable and accessible to any user.

Design is function

Every choice and detail synthetise serieX design as a key point, guaranteeing convenience under all conditions and at all times.

  • The hi-tech handle with antiseptic finish allows full or partial opening of the double stainless-steel doors and ensure both additional energy saving and reduction of radiation to operator at lowest.
  • Special Steel-X finish, a high-tech handle that allows double doors to be fully or partially opened
  • the interior mirrors in reflective steel for a complete vision of the products perfectly express its strong personality putting baking at the focus of attention.
  • The iconic style emphasises serieX uniqueness, making it easy to integrate into any environment.
  • The design guarantees comfort in all conditions and all the time.
Any Business

Ideal for any business, whether restaurant, pizzeria, bakery, pastry shop, bistro, hotel, chain restaurant, bar.

Any Product

Designed to cook any product perfectly, it enhances its taste, aroma and quality.

Any Place

The outstanding 45% reduction in consumption makes serieX the most sustainable oven for any location.

Any Chef

From the most experienced professionals to less trained operators, everyone can achieve perfect baking with serieX.

Evolution in technology

Moretti Forni serieX ovens are the result of a combination of 75 years of experience in the field of baking and the use of the most innovative technologies.

Technology Adaptive-Power®

It autonomously modulates the energy required according to the quantity of product in the baking chamber, delivering the minimum energy needed to bake perfectly without waste.

Technology Power-Booster™

Increases power during peak and fully loaded oven while maintaining baking quality.

Technology Delta-Power+™

Customises the power balance between the front and rear zones of the oven, while the oven calibrates itself between the left and right zones. Baking uniformity ensured.

Technology Dual-Power+™

Manual baking mode for separate and independent management of power and temperature of upper and lower deck. Perfect calibration and heat balance.

Technology Split-Booster™

Increases the output power of the upper, lower or both elements by 20% for customised booster operation.

Technology FlexLoad™

The oven automatically determines the exact location of the product, activating the heating elements in the corresponding area.

Technology Auto Eco-Standby™

The technology that modulates and balances the heat delivered to each baking zone. Delivers perfect results from the beginning of service or after a pause.

Technology Smart Deck™

The adaptive deck is equipped with special sensors in each zone, self-regulating the heat more than 100 times per second according to the quantity and type of product being baked.

Technology System Power-Cleaning™

Cleaning the oven is so easy! Simply programme pyrolytic cleaning to remove any residue. Time-saving and maximum safety for customers.


serieX includes up to four independent timers, controlling the times of the four baking zones and making your job easier.

Adaptive BakingTime™

The cooking time is automatically adjusted to suit the product and the amount of heat applied. The baking process is managed by the algorithm: once complete, an acoustic signal indicates the right moment to take the product out of the oven.

Technology RemoteMaster Hub® 

Online control of baking parameters, implementation of content and software updates, setting of switch-on timers and consumption checks, even across multiple locations.
Ease of management and standardisation of procedures.
*optional, purchased separately

Module Wi-Fi

Allows you to download software updates and make sure the oven is using the latest version available.

Auto PowerBooster™

serieX detects the product load on each zone of the baking surface.

ReadyToGo Timer

The algorithm automatically sets the start timer, based on the baking time set for the start of work.
You can set two switch-on and two switch-off times per day.


The heat stays inside the baking chamber while the outer surfaces remain cool for comfort and safety in the working environment.


In the event of a malfunction, the system shows a warning on the display and simultaneously sends a message to the Technical Assistance Service. Real-time troubleshooting.