serieF – efficient and fast convection oven with heat calibration

Advanced technology for efficient and gentle heat distribution in the chamber. Unsurpassed baking uniformity and efficiency. Unleash your creativity!

Baking as needed


SerieF combines technology and performance with functionality, making your production processes easier.


Ovens from the serieF series are designed for baking bread, cakes and other gastronomic products. They have 100 editable programs.


Easy to operate, compact, energy saving up to 30%.

A complete baking station on 1 m2


The key word is ease of use thanks to the user-friendly control panel! Ovens from the serieP line are equipped with well-balanced doors, ergonomic handles made of brushed stainless steel and double lighting that makes it easier to observe the products while baking for greater energy savings and work efficiency.

Save time, energy and costs

High-performance convection oven. Elegant shape, advanced technology.

Technology Adaptive-Power®

The oven continuously adjusts its power to the actual needs, based on the amount of product in the oven cavity, in order to minimize the energy consumption needed to achieve perfect baking results.

Technology Power-Booster™

Increase the power at peak workload and bake at full load while maintaining consistently high-quality baking.

Technology Custom-Bake™

Set up to 9 different phases within the same program, adapting the cooking cycle to the type of product.

Technology Eco-Standby™

Intelligent function that reduces energy consumption during work breaks: with just one press of a button, the stove immediately returns to normal operation.

System Data-Feed™

Import software updates via a simple USB device so that the furnace can use the latest software version available.

Programmable cooking function with steam

Possibility to program and adjust the steam release function in the chamber (steam can be released for 1 to 10 seconds) for the correct risen dough during baking.

Traditional or convection oven – which baking method is the best?

Ovens from the seriesF can be combined with chamber ovens to form a single baking station for various types of dishes: bread, cakes, but also pizza and other gastronomic products. You will never have any doubts whether to bake in a traditional or convection oven! Install a combined baking station in your kitchen or restaurant, which will save you space and be able to bake various types of products: cakes, croissants, brioches, as well as rolls, baguettes, focacs, pizzas, meat, vegetables and pies.

How to use a convection oven to bake a cake?


The serieF oven is a pastry convection oven designed to reduce baking times and increase process efficiency. Baking on several trays allows you to reduce baking time by 25% – 15 minutes is enough to bake a perfectly shortbread.


The combination of the serieF and iDeck oven allows you to bake different products at the same time and optimize the preparation time.