serieT – tunnel oven, guaranteeing the best baking quality in the world

Perfect baking with high efficiency and maximum energy savings: -30%. High baking quality thanks to the technology that uses blasts of hot air. The serieT line is synonymous with efficiency: the machines in this series are equipped with hot air nozzles for the highest production efficiency. Perfect for any type of baking: pizza, bread, cakes and gastronomic products



Set the temperature and the appropriate baking program, put the food on the belt and let the tunnel oven do all the work.


The device is recommended for restaurants, pizzerias and bakeries; Remote-Master® technology allows remote control of the main functions of the furnace.


From now on, even unqualified personnel can easily bake high-quality products.

Efficient production


Baking one product after another is now possible!


Ovens from the serieT line are ready for baking in an extremely short time, thanks to which the entire process is fast and the baked goods are always perfect. Ideal for catering establishments with a high production volume and fast work pace, such as pizzeria and restaurant chains.


Bake more and faster!

Baking without limits

Universal and unique devices using advanced technology.

Technology Dual-Temp®

Separate and independent temperature management in the top and bottom of the oven cavity for perfect heat calibration when baking gastronomic products.

Technology Quadra-Temp™

For the TT96E and TT98E models, it is possible to set up to 4 different temperatures: 4 probes, located on the front and rear of the upper and lower parts of the baking chamber, monitor and manage the temperature of each baking stage for the correct heat calibration.

Technology Dual-Flow®

Gas models are equipped with a mechanism for separate management of hot air flows, which allows you to adjust the temperature as needed.

Technology Eco-Standby®

Intelligent function that reduces energy consumption during work breaks: with just one press of a button, the stove immediately returns to normal operation.

Technology Adaptive-Power®

The oven continuously adjusts its power to the actual needs, based on the amount of product in the oven cavity, in order to minimize the energy consumption needed to achieve perfect baking results.

System Best-flow®

special system separates and directs the streams of warm air, preventing uncontrolled air recirculation during baking.

Perfectly even baking guaranteed!

Timer device switch-on

serieT allows you to program a weekly timer for the appliance to turn on, so that the stove is always ready for use.


Save time and increase the efficiency of your employees.

Technology Cool-Around®

The heat is retained inside the furnace chamber, thanks to which the external surfaces of the device do not heat up, which ensures greater comfort and safety in the workplace.

Technology Remote-Master® 

An exclusive function that allows you to create and modify work programs, check the parameters of the baking process and receive messages.
* Optional, sold separately

Module Wi-Fi

It allows you to download software updates in order to use the latest available version.