Meatico meat seasoning cabinets

The offer of Meatico cabinets is the result of many years of work and experience of experts, technicians and chefs in the field of professional cooling and preservation of meat. These are devices designed to carry out the entire maturation process of the meat, which is then ideal for grilling steaks of the highest quality.

Why is it worth choosing to introduce seasoned meat steaks on the menu?


  • you will introduce your restaurant to the highest league of restaurants
  • you will offer the customer a quality unattainable in other restaurants and you will earn more
  • you can develop a new concept for a restaurant that will be associated with better products from now on. One good product entails another, so by serving better steaks, you can also add high-quality wines, cheeses and other products to the menu.
  • you will gain new loyal customers

Who are Meatico meat seasoning cabinets for?

  • for a restaurant / steakhouse
  • for reputable butcher shops
  • for supermarkets and delicatessen
  • for households

Responding to the needs of customers, we introduced wardrobes to the offer

  • 1-door and 2-door
  • with solid or glazed doors
  • glazed on one or both sides for better display of meat in the premises

Connection via WiFi network


Thanks to the connection via the WiFi network, it is possible to remotely control the settings from anywhere. Process progress status, possible alarms and settings are available from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

About seasoning meat

Red meat, in particular, is not suitable for heat treatment immediately after slaughter. It is its seasoning that makes us obtain a product of the highest class. When properly seasoned, the meat becomes juicy, tender and rich in flavor, and the fat in the meat becomes as soft as butter. The black color that forms on the surface is quite normal – it is the oxidation of the surface of the meat.

on average from 14 to 35 days. This is the best season for seasoning. Of course, after this time you can also season it, but the difference in the final product will be minimal.

the most optimal is between 0°C and 4°C. Above 4°C, there is a strong rapid development of bacteria, causing rotting of the meat. However, at minus temperature, enzymes in meat no longer fulfill their role because they stop working.

the best is between 70% and 80% (±10%). Too high humidity will cause mold, while too low will dry out the meat. Meatico cabinets, controlling the humidity in the chamber, also take into account the humidity of the meat. By setting it, for example, at 75%, we can be sure that this is what will be in the chamber, regardless of the amount, size and type of meat.

guarantees the same temperature and humidity in every part of the cabinet chamber. A specialized temperature sensor continuously monitors its level.

Greting shelves and optional meat hooks allow optimal circulation throughout the cabinet.

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