As an innovator who created the world’s first sushi robot in 1981, Suzumo supports the efforts of its customers and raises awareness of Japanese culinary culture around the world.

Suzumo has revolutionized the way people think about sushi. Healthy, tasty, pleasing to the eye and extremely popular sushi can now become part of your business. Without the need for extensive training or hiring specialized chefs, you can provide your guests with consistent quality and variety of flavors. Suzumo is Japanese quality that delivers delicious results while respecting the traditional culture of sushi preparation.


We present a novelty that will revolutionize the sushi market in Poland! SUZUMO sushi equipment extremely fast, precise, and most importantly – ensuring repeatability of results, you can use for:

  • mixing the cooked rice
  • portioning – Nigiri
  • preparing a layer of rice
  • uramaki rollover
  • rolling into a square
  • roll cutting

Properly prepared and mixed rice is the basis of perfect sushi. This delicate operation can be fully automated and extremely simple thanks to our device, which guarantees perfect and repeatable results. The compact rice mixing device allows you to prepare traditional sushi rice (Shari), mix rice with additives and loosen.


Equipment to produce large quantities of Nigiri portions in no time. With a unique molding process that does not damage the sushi rice grains, it forms Nigiri rice balls with the correct consistency. The fastest on the market. It can even handle large amounts of sushi rice – it can produce up to 4,800 delicious and fluffy rice balls (up to 20 g) per hour. The large capacity of the tray and ease of use increase the comfort of work, which makes the device a leader in the industry.

Rice sheet making machine. It automatically dispenses the right layer of rice, which is ready for further use. Spreads the rice without damaging the grains with consistent quality.



A device for making rice sheets and twisting various kinds of sushi rolls. Easy operation and increased comfort of work make the device unrivaled on the market.


Machine for making a sheet of rice and twisting various kinds of sushi rolls with a square section. Easy operation and increased comfort of work make the device unrivaled on the market.


Device for cutting sushi rolls into 8 pieces. Provides professional, top-quality cutting. Increased capacity and enhanced security features. Easy to set up and clean; easy-to-replace cutting blade. The front cover is equipped with a safety sensor. Cuts rolls with a diameter of up to 60 mm.


Automatic electric rice cooker with cooking level control system. It allows you to prepare white rice and similar rice-based dishes. The rice container is placed in a drawer that slides out of the oven for easy access. There is also a model equipped with a timer that allows you to plan the cooking time in advance.

Compact size fits small spaces. Rinsing the rice removes impurities and starch to create ideal cooking conditions. The improved wash paddles have improved the washing quality while reducing the amount of water used (5% reduction). The most economical rice washing machine in its class. See the catalog

The range of accessories includes:

  • insulated rice storage containers for Suzumo sushi with a capacity of 10 and 15 kg. They maintain the right temperature of the rice while maintaining its natural flavor and aroma.
  • Suzumo rice ball storage trays
  • suzumo cooked rice storage paper
  • lubricant – an odorless and non-toxic spray made of sterile vegetable oil, used to prevent cooked rice from sticking to blades and other equipment components that come into direct contact with rice.

Rice preparation equipment

In its offer, Prismafood has many innovative devices for the preparation of rice according to traditional Japanese recipes. By combining precision and passion for traditional Japanese dishes, we have created equipment that will surely meet the expectations of customers – also those regarding easy operation. Rice preparation equipment by Prismafood is characterized by the high quality and versatility necessary to enter the rapidly growing Asian cuisine market.

The front part of the device is made of stainless steel, the structure is made of painted steel. The Okami Rice Cooker prepares the rice in the manner known from traditional Japanese recipes. Both pre-cooking and proper cooking take place here, which optimizes the entire sushi preparation process. The device is easy to use – the rice bowl is placed on guides, thanks to which the process of pouring and removing rice has been significantly accelerated. The device also has a digital, graphic control panel. Okami is the perfect product for all sushi chefs.

The front part of the device is made of stainless steel, construction made of painted steel. The Kuma device is used to mix the rice and cool it to the ideal temperature. Kuma is an indispensable aid in the preparation of sushi. Together with the Okami rice cooker, the Kuma is the perfect solution for chefs looking to achieve the best results from their work – these devices give you the ability to prepare traditional Japanese dishes using modern, automated processes.


Stainless steel housing and bowl. The automatic washing device ZO guarantees perfect preparation of the rice and perfect operation for many years. The ZO is an extremely powerful device despite its small size: it can rinse up to 6 kg at a time. For example, washing 5 kg of rice takes just 5 minutes, greatly increasing productivity. The rice washing machine has a modular design.