serieS – the most advanced furnaces in the world

The ideal oven for pizza, bakery, confectionery and gastronomic products, ensuring maximum energy savings.

A sustainable choice


Reduction of energy consumption by more than 35%


Devices from the seriesS are professional electric ovens with the lowest energy consumption in the world. The money invested in buying a stove pays off in a short time. Consumption of energy in line with the demand! Low electricity costs from first bill and minimal environmental impact.

Possibility to personalize programs


4 million combinations


the combination of advanced technology and the desire to strive for perfection allowed us to create a stove that will meet the needs of its users as much as possible. Find the appliance that best suits your requirements by selecting the oven dimensions, number and type of baking chamber, the material of the baking surface, the way to open the door, the type of finish (STEEL or ICON) and many more oven features!



4 million combinations


Choose the Multibake chamber if you want to bake various types of products, or a dedicated chamber that suits your production needs: Romanbake, Stonebake, Pastrybake and Steambake – for pizza, pastry, bakery and gastronomic products!


a professional and multifunctional oven for baking your customers’ favorite dishes.

Evolution in technology

Moretti Forni serieS ovens are the result of a combination of 75 years of experience in the field of baking and the use of the most innovative technologies.

Technology Adaptive-Power®

The oven continuously adjusts its power to the actual needs, based on the amount of product in the oven cavity, in order to minimize the energy consumption needed to achieve perfect baking results.

Technology Power-Booster™

Reserve extra power for efficiently managing peaks at work and eliminating the risk of losing oven performance due to the increased load to ensure always perfect baking quality.

Technology Delta-Power™

It allows you to adjust the optimal power balance between the front and rear of the stove. Perfect baking without having to turn the food, even when opening the oven door frequently.

Technology Fource™

An exclusive system patented by Moretti Forni allows you to reduce the installed power by 20%, while maintaining the available power and excellent baking performance. Thanks to this, the stove can be installed in premises where the amount of energy consumed is of key importance.
* Optional, sold separately

Technology Dual-Power™

Separate and independent power management on the top and bottom of the oven for perfect heat calibration when baking sponge-based products.

Technology Split-Booster™

It allows you to adjust the optimal power balance between the top and bottom of the furnace by increasing the power by 20% in one or both zones.

Technology Half-load™

It allows only half of the chamber to be used during low traffic, deactivating the heating elements at the front of the furnace, thus significantly reducing energy consumption and costs.

Technology Eco-Standby™

Intelligent function that reduces energy consumption during work breaks: with just one press of a button, the stove immediately returns to normal operation.

Technology Dual-Temp®

Separate and independent temperature management in the top and bottom of the oven cavity for perfect heat calibration when baking gastronomic products.

Technology System Power-Cleaning™

Cleaning the furnace is extremely easy! Run a self-cleaning program using pyrolysis to remove any baking residues. Thanks to the automatic cleaning function, you save your valuable time and provide your customers with maximum safety.


The serieS devices have up to 6 independent timers responsible for monitoring the time in 6 baking zones, thus facilitating the work of the oven operator.


After the cooking time has been set, the display will continuously show the most optimal area for an efficient work pace and management of the cooking area.

Technology Remote-Master® 

An exclusive function that allows you to create and modify work programs, check the parameters of the baking process and receive messages.
* Optional, sold separately

Module Wi-Fi

It allows you to download software updates in order to use the latest available version.