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What will I find out at Moretti LAB?

The BASE training framework program covers the following issues:

  • Flours (types, properties, refining, starch, enzymes, proteins, gluten)
  • Water and its organoleptic properties
  • Fats (characteristics, role properties in dough)
  • Salt (characteristics, properties, role in the dough)
  • Yeast (functions, role in the production of dough, types of yeast)
  • 2 types of mixers: spiral, shoulder
  • Ovens: SerieS, Neapolis, SerieT
  • Direct cakes
  • Direct cakes with control in the refrigerator
  • baking the dough: baking techniques, the influence of temperature, the processes taking place during baking
  • Organizational techniques mise en place
  • Accessories


It takes place in a professional studio equipped with the most advanced devices of the Moretti veneer manufacturer in the presence of the Moretti LAB trainer:

  • preparation of the dough by the direct method
  • cutting and forming dough (manual and automatic)
  • techniques of kneading and forming pizza (manual and automatic)
  • cake management in changing conditions
  • organization of work at the stove

Professional course and advice will help owners save thousands of pounds on purchasing targeted and professional pizza making equipment. It will allow you to work with the best equipment available on the market. After completing the course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge and skills.


Where it takes place Moretti LAB?

Meetings take place in the professionally equipped Grafen showroom in Warsaw, at Al. Jerozolimskie 200

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Who is driving?

Host - Andrzej Pietrzyk

His passion for Italian cuisine was born in his childhood during numerous trips to Italy. There he also gained and deepened his knowledge about pizza. For 14 years associated with pizza, which has become his love and greatest passion. Currently, he is a trainer of MorettiLAB and Grafen in Poland, and at the same time Product Manager of the Moretti Forni brand. He shares his knowledge and passion with participants of Pizza Forum meetings organized periodically throughout Poland.

Partner Moretti LAB

Pizza baking equipment is very important, but equally important are the original Italian products necessary for its preparation. During each training, flour, tomatoes, cold meats and cheeses of the highest quality are delivered by our Partner, the North Coast company. North Coast SA has been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years, having 6 warehouses throughout the country. It specializes in the distribution of high-quality food products, mainly from Italy and the Mediterranean countries. The company has a wide range of products dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca markets. and retail. The offer includes over 5,000 products: fresh, chilled, dry and frozen, including pasta, rice, tomatoes, cheese and Italian meats, vinegars, olive oil, coffee and wine.


North Coast is a partner that understands the needs of Chefs!

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Frequently asked questions


How much does participation in the training cost?

Participation in the BASE training for pizzaioli costs PLN 3,000 net * per person.

* The price does not include accommodation or travel costs.


How can you sign up?

Participation in the training should get angry by filling out the registration form.


Moretti LAB Regulations

Before registering for the event, you must accept the terms of the Moretti LAB Regulations.

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